Thursday, January 28, 2010

First: The Basics

They say that the best introduction into cheesemaking is to try your skills with yogurt. Of course, my first attempt was a complete, okay maybe not complete disaster. I dove head first, with unbridled enthusiasm, toward the first recipe I found. I forgot all the recipes I had read over the years, forgot all the comments I heard from fellow foodies and instead latched onto a single recipe I stumbled upon during a google search. First mistake, do not blindly jump into a recipe without consulting other resources. Second mistake, trust your cooking abilities and instincts.

My yogurt (if you could call it anything other than ridiculously-thick-and-creamy goat milk) had great cultures as a starter but I only allowed it to sit for 3 hours. Hey, that's what the recipe said. I know now that 3 hours isn't even long enough for the milky mixture to get comfortable. Next time I will exercise patience and not disturb the little jars for at least 6-8 hours. I will also check it and make sure that enough time has passed and, if not, I'll give it more.

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