Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Month of Residence....

The goats have officially resided on our humble little ranch for 1 month today. During that month I have learned:
  • Goats love people
  • The procedure of banding a male goat is painful and possibly inhumane
  • Goats can learn their names (especially if you have a very yummy incentive for them)
  • Cow milk can be fed to kid goats and they'll never know the difference
  • If you drop a treat or hay on the ground goats will not eat it
  • Human/animal companionship is an absolute necessity in the everyday life of a goat
  • Dogs and goats can be friends
  • A halter can be made out of the nylon rope from hay bales
  • A diet high in date fruits will disrupt the digestive system of a goat
  • Pull a goat, don't push it
  • Goats jump
  • If a goat escapes her pen, she can be easily lured back with treats

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