Sunday, October 10, 2010

Picky Eaters

You know the age old saying "goats will eat anything, even tin cans." Totally false. I mean completely and utterly false.

The saying has more truth for my wether but still far from correct. Along with hay he'll eat lettuce, carrots, watermelon and most other vegetable scraps. Clover will eat slightly less and Rosie will eat nothing that she didn't peel, rip, pull, or scavenge herself.

With that in mind, imagine how fun it is to try and feed them an herbal mixture mashed with peaches and rolled into balls. Yeah, not fun. Francis ate it right out of my hand, Clover ate it after she was pinned down and it was shoved into her mouth, and Rosie gagged and spit it all over my mother (she also bucked, screamed and bit her handler-who was also my mother).

The herbal mixture is a natural wormer and thus has to be administered. I didn't want to pump them full of chemicals (especially since I got goats purely for my own organic dairy consumption) so I opted for a natural remedy.  However, this natural "stuff" is rather repulsive, foul-smelling and difficult to force down a goat's throat.

Looking forward to the next treatment. Here's hoping they have a better taste for gooey, sticky balls tomorrow.

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