Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One is the loneliest number

The girls are gone (for the time being) and Francis is absolutely devastated. The poor guy isn't eating and he's been crying so much he's made himself hoarse. When you go to the pen he talks for a few minutes then settles down...so long as you're in his eyesight.  The minute you get up to leave he begs you to stay.  He hasn't eaten a lot of hay the last few days but if you bring him romaine lettuce he'll gladly accept it. I've read lots of things that say goats are companion animals and need a friend.  Since I have three I didn't really see this as a problem.  However, now that he's only one it's painfully apparent. I keep telling him that the girls will come back but he's lost all faith in me. Here's hoping the breeding goes well and fast so the girls can come home soon.

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