Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A hoof accident and Blu-Kote

Sunday was supposed to be a great goat day. The girls had two walks, their pen was cleaned, they grazed for 3 hours and took a nap beside me in the shade. Then we had fresh hay delivered and that's when the goodness ended.  Immediately after we unloaded the bale, Clover sliced the top of her hoof open on a piece of metal. We couldn't stop the bleeding and she vehemently objected to having her hoof wrapped and held with consistent pressure. I looked at my mom and said, "tell me what to do, because I have no idea." She responded with, "go get the Blu-Kote."

My mother's been around animal emergencies. She was raised on a horse ranch and has worked over the years for vets, so when she asked me to get a product I'd never heard of I didn't hesitate.  I raced to the house, rummaged through the regular medicine cabinet and then raced back to the goat. She promptly shook the can, sprayed the hoof and herself then released the goat. Although anything and everything that is sprayed turns immediately bright purple, this stuff is a miracle.  The bleeding stopped. The next day the hoof was neither swollen nor infected.

It's been 3 days and the hoof and goat are still doing well.

Lessons learned: 1) trust your mother. 2) always keep Blu-Kote in your animal supply kit.

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