Saturday, May 21, 2011

Milking Goats

We started a diligent milking schedule last Sunday.  We're currently getting about 2.5 quarts/day between the two goats. Rosie is my superstar and I think will prove to be a fantastic milker in the near future. She runs to the parlor, hops onto the stand and waits for the grain. 

The once a day milking is working out fabulously.  We don't have to bottle feed, and we only have to worry about milking/cleaning in the morning.  Fias Co Farm offers a fabulous account on their milking schedule and it has proven to be quite helpful for the full-time lawyer.

We're using the Henry Milker for all the milking.  Rosie's teats are big but she's not terribly comfortable letting the milk down so hand milking is difficult. Clover's teats are tiny and she's incredibly fidgety.  Also, the closed system of the Henry Milker is great and we haven't have a single incident of contaminated milk.

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